Rumors are being circulated in Whatsapp that, “Aquafina failed water quality check” in Chennai and so suggesting the message receivers to avoid drinking it.


  • Aquafine is not drinkable.

Quantity Vs Quality:

The 1-liter water bottle passed all the quality checks conducted in King Institue which is located in Guindy. Test results have shown that 20-liter cans failed the quality check with the presence of Yeast and Mould

The Aquafina branch in Guindy has been given the notice to answer for failing the quality check by the Food safety department.


  • 1-liter bottle is drinkable.
  • 20-liter canned water is not drinkable.

How to file a complaint:

In case the public wishes for testing food quality, they can contact the helpline using the following website.