On January 4, 2019, around 1 PM intruders entered and attacked JNU students. The masked intruders also have entered the Information System department and damaged the server so that they don’t get caught, which was clearly a pre-planned attack.


  • Congress funding the inter-student conflict in JNU.


Let’s see what happened from January 4, 2019.

  • Jan 4: It’s been told that, the issue started when one ABVP leader beat up a Left student for not allowing him (so that it will look like all JNU students bigoted exams against CAA) to enter the server room.

Jan 4: Server room incident.

Jan 5: Around afternoon ABVP students, who had gone for the registration of the winter semester were attacked. This conflict went till 1 pm and security guards who tried to intervene were also beaten up.

When over 50 intruders entered JNU from the back gate wearing masks entered started attacking students inside Sabarmati Hostel and Koyna Hostel.

When the first distress call was made to police, they were stopped at the entrance(because of Jamia violence). Later JNU administration given a written complaint to police to stop the conflict.

Congress funding the inter-student conflict in JNU?

As per the information provided by Barkha Dutt, the person who provoked everyone in the WhatsApp group seems to be the worker of the Indian National Congress.

Later they took down the page from the website in which the mobile number was provided.

The Indian National Congress gave 3 line response and dodged after getting caught red-handed.


  • It is true that congress media fueling the inter-conflict of JNU students and making it a CAA issue? Yes, they are guilty.


Is this about BJP vs Leftists ? That is the question for the Delhi cops. Delhi cops need to QUESTION every student who was shown in the viral videos and in the screenshot of the WhatsApp groups.

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