On January 3, 2019, around 9 PM Imran Khan shared a tweet of Bangladesh war crimes and mentioned it as Utter Pradesh incident which later deleted by him when he realized the seriousness of Fake propaganda against another country is now the target of Twitter trolls.


  • Indian Police torturing Muslims in India during protest again CAA.

Video from India?

NO. This is the video of Bangladesh police brutality of Hefazat-e-Islam that happened in 2013.

The date of uploading this video youtube video is September 10, 2013.

There are only two possible ways. Either Honorable PM of Pakistan is a time traveler or he is a lier.

Deleted by Imran Khan:

After serious trolls by Twitter users who hate fake news propaganda, Imran Khan realized that he is not a time traveler but a lier. Hence the deleted his offensive tweet about India and Indian police at 9:17PM (IST).

Trolls on twitter- Exclusive coverage by Factanalytics:

Troll by Pakistan citizen who has access to the future.


If the PM of Pakistan itself doesn’t know the difference between real and fake news, it raises the serious doubt about the Anti-CAA protestor’s knowledge.


It would be amazing if Mr. Imran Khan, the Prime minister of Pakistan work for the development of Pakistan minorities instead of working for the development of Indian Minorities.

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