Some ill-minded youtube channels funded by opposition parties of Tamil Nadu are spreading baseless-lies about the Kaavalan application which acts as SOS (emergency) for women in need.


  • Why after installation this application is asking access for the phone calls, contact, SMS, Record video and audio, GPS, other files?
  • Developed by a private company and server maintained by a private company.

Ill-minded anti-national youtube channels:

Its been a trend in Tamil Nadu which is used by opposition parties to fund private youtube channels to create fear about any activities by the government.

In the above video this guy who explains why the application is bad, why its asking permission without basic knowledge of how the application works he concluded kaavalan application as NOT SAFE with his fingers crossed.

  1. Why Phone call? Why you click the SOS button the calls go to the selected contact and police help-line.
  2. Why SMS? Either the history of phone calls will be sent to that contacts or the text saying “I’m in danger save me” goes to your contacts.
  3. Why contact? The call requires the contact of your family or closed ones.
  4. Why record video and audio? In case something happens, the recording of video and audio will be enabled so that the identification of the Criminals is made easy.
  5. Why GPS? To know your location and the police station nearby your location will be sent SOS to save you.
  6. Why access photos or other files? While you registering to enter your details and during the incident, the details you provided will be displayed to Help-line during SOS.

Are private sectors maintaining data of the Citizens?

The development of the application is not by the government sector, government sector tells the requirement to the private sector and the private sector designs based on the requirement. If the servers are maintained by the private sector it is still safe.


If we blame that this application is not safe, we do have one question for the readers to ask themselves,” are you sure that the mobile you use does not spy on you?”, “do you have alternative option?”.

We recommend the readers to use this application without fear.

For further questions, feel free to drop your question in below comment section.

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