Pakistan, the Islamic country recently condemned the Indian government for suppressing rights for Kashmiri people on 370 removals and passing CAA.


They also claim that:

  • Pakistan’s minorities are being treated equally.
  • India passing CAA is not necessary.

Let’s see if this claim by Pakistan is true or NOT.

Pakistan’s minorities are being treated equally?

Shoaib Akhtar makes a sensational video revels that Hindus are not treated equally.

He says that Pakistan players refused to eat food with Danish Kaneria because he was a Hindu. He was never given any credit for his performances and was constantly humiliated because of his religion.

People in social media like twitter commenting that “If this is the current situation of minority celebrity in Pakistan, what about the normal minorities in Pakistan”.

India passing CAA is not necessary?

Recently on October 3, 2019, Pakistan’s parliament blocks bill allowing non-Muslims to become the country’s PM or President which defeats the basic rights for minorities in Pakistan.

It appears that the Pakistan army is controlling the government of Pakistan as per the claims of Imran Khan.


  • Yes, Pakistan minorities are untouchable.
  • No, CAA is necessary for the people of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh


Yes, minorities in pakistan are treated as untouchables. Hence pakistanis who oppose Indian goverment actions are not fit to talk or sympathise about Indian minorites who are treated equally in India.

even Pakistan’s parliament proves our fact by blocking bill which allows non-Muslims to become the country’s PM, President.

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