It appears a famous journal from India is posting blog against Uttar Pradesh cops just like Imran khan does to defame Indian government actions taken against rioters.


  • Uttar Pradesh cops are lying about the number of cops shot by Peaceful protestors.

No-Data Tele-Vision:

The famous journal posted a blog indirectly saying, ” we don’t find the data on remaining injured cops in Peaceful protest, please provide us data so that we can justify that rioters are right”.

Later on, the claim was countered by Uttar Pradesh Police official Twitter account with a tweet saying,’ The injury reports are documented and part of official record’.

The tweet clearly defines the second meaning that, “we don’t want to share personal details of cops who were injured and escaped by the peaceful while defending the property of government“.


  • Every responsible government will keep it as confidential in order to save the cops who were shot and merely escaped from the peaceful protestors“.