Rumors are circulating around social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram saying that the Pakistan government is using locus to destroy farmers of India and they also mentioning the reference from a Tamil movie called ‘Kaappaan‘ by actor Surya.


  • Pakistan’s government is creating a biologically hybrid locus (a type of cockroach) to destroy India’s agriculture.

Pakistan failed to control it:

Pakistan Minister of Agriculture and Supply and Prices has given out-of-box solution in twitter responded to the complaints by the residents of Karachi saying that Locusts are being sold in the market for human consumption, you can use locus instead of shrimps in Biriyani because Locus are as tasty and nutritious”.

Ismail Rahoo failing to take action and responding as “Let them eat locus” has destroyed Pakistani farmers and now costing Indian(North Gujarat) farmers living.

Gujarat Government failed to prevent?

The Locust Circle Office (LCO) run by the ministry of agriculture and farmers Welfare in Palanpur seems ‘surprised’ by the change of pattern, local people state that the State administration ignored an alert from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of a massive locust attack in South Asia covering Pakistan and India. And now they feel that the government’s efforts to ‘survey and tackle’ the situation is too late.

The local administration also states that “this locus attack has nothing to do with Pakistan and requested Youths, do not to exaggerate incidents happen in real life with movies”.

Gujarat Agriculture Minister R C Faldu has requested 11 teams from Central to solve the problem of locusts.

Incident vs Movie clip:


  • Locus marched towards India (Gujarat and other states) due to climate change and also yes, because of lack of prevention by Pakistan. Attack like this happened in 1994 at vadagam .

This has nothing to do with science fiction movies. Its clearly the negligence of scientists giving priority to inventing machine to rescue children due to negligence of parents.