The president of Pakistan recently refused to take their students after pointing out verse from Quran while students from all over world who are studying in Wuhan University are being tested for the possibility of Corona virus and are being sent to their mother country.

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses known for containing strains that cause potentially deadly diseases in mammals and birds. In humans they’re typically spread via airborne droplets of fluid produced by infected individuals.


  • Pakistan refused to take students because of their incapability to handle any disease outbreak.
  • Pakistan superstition is killing their students.


During Nov 2019, Pakistan government failed to prevent the risk of a well-known Dengue virus.

No wonder that Pakistan government think, “we can not handle this virus, we do not have enough infrastructure“.

Meanwhile, the minister for Science & Technology of Pakistan, Ch Fawad Hussain is busy in twitter advising the people of INDIA whom they should vote for, ImranKhanPTI and refuses to evacuate Pakistani students from China, to express solidarity with China!

The president of Pakistan pointing out verse from Quran in twitter and suggesting Imran Khan to abandon their students

Tweets of Pakistani people bashing their own government:

While the president of Pakistan pointing out verse from Quran in twitter suggesting Imran Khan to abandon their students, he is now getting bashed by his people’s mercilessly.

Viral videos of #PakistaniStudents asking their helpless government to help them:


  • Yes, they don’t have enough facility to contain or save the students.
  • Yes, Pakistan’s superstition is now costing the life of their students.


To all the Muslims who are feeling “unsafe” in India, Indian passport is literally giving you life.

Reminder to those Indian-readers who ask Indian government to help those Pakistani students. They laughed and commented Sushma Swaraj will go to hell after her death. She is the one who helped Pakistani child to get treatment in India.

What do you think? India should help ex-indians? share your comments.