Pongal is the festival of thanks-giving to sun god which is basically harvest festival in Tamil Nadu. This is also known as Makara Sankranti in north India.


  • Pongal-Makara Sankranti has nothing to do with Hindus.
  • Pongal-Makara Sankranti is celebrated by all religion.

Secular festival? What the religious scholars suggest for non-Hindus?

Lets see what this person says. He claims that he converted from Hinduism to Christianity and now opposing the act of Christians claiming Pongal as secular festival. “Be truthful to yourself first, not to religion” says him.

Christians about pongal- He opposes

Lets see what Aloor Sha Navas, the Deputy Secretary General of Viduthalai Chiruthaigal party has to tell about Muslims celebrating the Pongal. The leader of the party recently told Hindus temples are ugly and give birth certificate for Rama.

Entertaining in-front of Islam people by insulting Hindus.

In this below video, guy from Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath (TNTJ) claims that “we can’t celebrate, its Hindu festival” .

Tamil Muslim scholar about Pongal- He opposes

Now in this below video, aloor navaas claims that “we can celebrate, its Non-hindu festival“-

Politician – Hence supporting that Pongal for muslims.

On 13 Jan, 2015 MK Stalin the atheist leader of DMK celebrated pongal which is completely done with Hindus tradition. Now he flipping and calling it as Non-Hindu festival.


  • Pongal IS the festival of Hindus.
  • Pongal is celebrated by Hindus in India but under different name.
  • If Makara Sankranti is hindu festival, Pongal is also hindu festival.
  • Muslims don’t worship sun god. Christians don’t worship their previous religion gods.


Why they are branding Hindus festival as secular? Simple.

Once the festivals of one religion vanishes, the time they spend in temple vanishes, attachment to religion vanishes. Hence conversion will be easy for them.

For readers:

These same guys told that CAA is against Muslims and lot of us trusted them and still protesting. Why not trust their words saying pongal is Hindus festival ?

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