Preeti Chobey, the National Secretary of Samajwadi Party youth wing shares fake news claiming that “women from Assam is trash by police” in her twitter profile.


  • The women in Assam were trashed by cops while checking citizenship proofs.


Salute to the soldiers of the Lotus party for this rip-off. Shameless government can’t honor women.


She later deleted the tweet realizing the years of journalism on believing fake news let her down.


  • The image shared by Preeti Chobey about Assam cops is fake.
  • This image has NOTHING to do with CAA protests.
  • This image is about Tibetan protesters struggling with police officers in front of the United Nations building in Kathmandu March 24, 2008.


It is no wonder that she mentioned herself as ” Ex-Journalist” in twitter. We must appreciate her for accepting the fact that she has forgotten the definition of journalism about when she joined the Political party.

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