Whenever congress the Secular party and DMK the anti-Hindu party makes any political statement, it becomes teacher’s notes for Pakistan to use against India.


  • Surgical Strike – Congress and Pakistan views.
  • 370 Cancellation- Congress and Pakistan views
  • CAA – Congress and Pakistan views

Surgical Strike – Congress and Pakistan views:

February 14 suicide bombing in Kashmir, leading to the death of 40 Indian army police by a Pakistani-based militant group lead to the path of Surgical strike on February 26 ended with the destruction of terrorist training camp, and causing the deaths of a “large number” of terrorists.

Initially, Indian National Congress and their allied parties refused to trust the Indian government that the attack was really made as Tit-for-Tat for Pakistan attack. Meanwhile, the Pakistan government claimed that Indian planes dropped their payload in an uninhabited area.

Later that day, February 27 Pakistan attacked as revenge for the destruction of the uninhabited area, causing an Indian warplane to be shot down and it’s pilot to be taken prisoner by the Pakistan military and returned on March 1, 2019.

370 Cancellation- Congress and Pakistan views:

The removal of article 370 has destroyed the special status given to Jammu and Kashmir to have a separate constitution, a state flag, and autonomy over the internal administration of the state which had placed a full stop to the promotion of terrorism by the Radical Islamists and promoted investment in Jammu and Kashmir.

During the time of cancellation of 370 to avoid provocation, the Indian government house arrested most of the Jammu and Kashmir leaders which were strongly objected by Congress and its allied parties in the form of massive organized protest.

Later Pakistan assembly quoted Rahul Gandhi in a letter addressed to the United Nations regarding Jammu and Kashmir.

Leader of DMK, MK Stalin rally against cancellation of 370 also taken as a point against India by Pakistan sponsored twitter account.

Since the issue has turned against congress and DMK, Rahul Gandhi and MK Stalin backed from their statement as usual and started targetting the Pakistan government as pro-terrorism.

CAA – Congress and Pakistan views:

Congress and DMK along with their leaders of the minorities who work so hard to abolish castism by tieing up with casteist parties kept saying that,’CAA and NRC are against Indian Muslims’.

DMK supports who started protesting against CAA by drawing Kolam in streets ( which was later claimed to be stolen by others effort by police who arrested them) turned out to be the employee of Pakistan blog which works 24×7 to defame Only Indian government action under website name bytesforall.

That website is sponsored by terrorists and ran by Non-professional journalists who make spelling mistakes often.

Pakistan spoke for Indian minorities while it has failed its own minorities.

The population of Pakistan minorities in 1947 is 23% as per the census and it has become 3-4% in 2016.


  • Surgical strike? Congress and DMK prefer trusting Pakistan over their own country.
  • 370 cancellation? Congress and DMK don’t like the conversion of Kashmiris into terrorists to be stopped.
  • CAA? Congress, DMK and Radical Islamists who enjoyed the privilege given for minorities, don’t want neighboring country minorities to have that same privilege.


Though BJP, whose anti-corruption image is shattered during Maharashtra Power battle by joining forces with ajith pawar they can still be trusted when compared to these parties.

LOOK OUT for those who divide and conquer. They may have branch in pakistan

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