Around 9:45 PM (Feb, 14 2019) in Chennai, group of Muslim people protested and pelted stones on cops and got lathi charge. Now they are sharing images of random dead person and calling it as victim of lathi charge.


  • 2 people were killed.
  • Police attacked Muslim protestors first.

2 people were killed ?

Those who claimed about deaths are DMK MP Dr. Senthil Kumar and Hassan Moulana of Congress.

Senthil Kumar got some dosage from twitter Indian’s that its the picture of a guy died in bike accident and later he apologized and deleted his tweet.

Hassan Moulana got insulted by Chennai police twitter account after they mentioned that its a fake news.

Police attacked Muslim protestors first ?

What media shows to People:

What actually happened:

Husband’s of these women’s pelting stones at cops from behind like cowards.

Proof that the 2nd video is in same spot:

More proof that it(2nd video) is from Chennai:

The area (Washermanpet) where protest happened.

The cafe shown in 2nd video is less than 0.7 kms away from the area (Washermanpet) mentioned in news.


  • NO one died. Its the plan of Prasanth kishore which is dead.
  • As far as we can see from the video, its the Peaceful people who attacked the cops first. They deserve anything that might have happened to them.


Dear Youngsters, you are educated; you have internet. Try to listening from both sides before judging the action of cops.

Even the judge of local court listens to the argument of both sides before giving verdict.

This OWASI of Tamil Nadu is saying that, “yes we did it, you can’t pluck any hair”.

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